• @dklinkman thanks - that's a good spot!

    I don't know why it would fail though - looking at the code, it's identical to get the characteristic and service, so the only thing I can think is perhaps there was a character at the end of the topic - a stray space maybe?

    (and yes - I just looked at the message that's posted, and @Grzegorz it's because you put "/ble/write/e7:e0:57:ad:36:a2/nus/nus_tx­ " as the topic and not "/ble/write/e7:e0:57:ad:36:a2/nus/nus_tx­")

    @Grzegorz I'm not sure how to help with this most recent problem. You had this working before, so presumably you have more of a chance of working out what you did then than I do now :)


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