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  • if there is no puck in reach or no ble devices, the hub will stop after a few seconds

    We could add a setting to turn that off - but realistically I was expecting that some BLE devices would always be in range for most people. It was just a good way of ensuring that some part of the BLE stack hadn't died. It might be less of an issue now as @dklinkman found that advertising scanning just gets stopped.

    the ide does not seem to mind, looks connected in the IDE

    When the IDE is connected, the Puck won't advertise. It could be that's what you're hitting?

    When you reset the Puck, the connection drops and it advertises again.

    EspruinoHub keeps showing a BLE device for 60 sec after the last advertising packet, so you may be thinking the Puck is still advertising when it isn't.


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