• Did you follow the instructions here? http://www.espruino.com/Puck.js+Quick+St­art

    Looks like you may not be using the Native version of the Web IDE. Until Google adds Web Bluetooth support for Chrome you have to use that - but it should 'just work' for you (once you pair Puck.js using the Windows Bluetooth menu).

    For the command-line app, you also have a problem that at the moment 'noble' - the BLE library for Node.js - doesn't support using BLE via the Windows 10 APIs. That means you have to use a tool called Zadig to change the drivers over so that 'noble' can use them, but that means that Windows then can't use the BLE!

    Personally, I wouldn't do that. If you really want to use the command-line app at the moment, I'd buy a cheap USB BLE dongle (it's about $5 delivered from eBay). Once that's plugged in (you might have to use Zadig on it), the command-line app and any other Node.js BLE stuff you might want to try will start working.


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