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  • Which Chromebook is it?

    Did you try closing the webpage as well and re-opening it? Sometimes it seems that Web Bluetooth (or perhaps just the Web IDE) gets confused about the state of the connection - it could be that the web page itself was still trying to keep the connection open, even though you were reconnecting.

    Also, as I mentioned in another post here - if you'd been trying with some app on your phone (for example the nRF connect app), it can stay running in the background and (I believe) can try and automatically reconnect, even when your phone isn't unlocked. It could be that Puck.js had actually reconnected to another device which is why you couldn't connect in the first place.

    I'm actually really surprised that you could block the signal using your finger - it does get easily blocked, but usually not that easily. I wonder whether it could be something else that actually caused Puck.js to crash (I'm not sure how though).


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