• Can this be done simultainious with the puck requesting webpages and posting sensordata

    Yes - however you don't specifically need HTTP for this - the Puck can act in BLE 'central' mode alongside other things, so you could post data some other way if needs be.

    can it be done the same time when the puck has open sockets listening to the internet (with IPv6 stack)?

    I'm not 100% sure about this yet because I haven't got that far along with IPv6, but from what I can tell, it seems like that will be possible.

    if a library will be available to send a file / data from the puck over bluetooth (le) to an android phone without any custom apps.

    I'm afraid it's unlikely - not because of Puck.js, but because of Android. About the closest thing might be FatBeacon, which might make it into core Android at some point. Otherwise Web Bluetooth would work if you're happy running a webpage. I'll have a Web Bluetooth library that allows you to use the UART/Console connection easily.

    So you can do all those things you suggest, apart from the BLE file transfer. I think because of the security risks, no phone maker will ever let a beacon download files to your phone unless you have an app.

  • Nice to read the possibilities are almost endless :-)

    About the file transfer, I can share a file/picture from one stock Android phone to another via Bluetooth. You have to manually accept the file on the receiving phone. Maybe the puck can mimic this (acting as a phone sharing a file via BT).


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