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  • I honestly don't know, as I'm hearing this through Seeed. I think perhaps the supplier had accidentally under-quoted the first time - we've moved to someone else now though.

    What it could be is you need to make moulds in different parts that will separate to release the final part. As I understand it we're using a 3 or 4 part mould at the moment, and it's possible that they originally thought they could use just 2 parts and then realised they couldn't.

    ... so that would have meant much more machining, so more cost. It was the cost of making the moulds that doubled - from $3000 to $5700. The actual per-device cost is still around $0.3, but given I'm only doing 4500 of them for the KickStarter the cost of making the moulds kind of dwarfs the rest of the case's cost!


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