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  • I don't think so... It sounds like it's a pretty standard Bluetooth beacon, albeit with RGB LEDs.

    Minewtech and others have been knocking stuff like that out of years - Dot's real selling point appears to be their app (as it looks like there is nothing clever in the beacon itself).

    They show it next to a light, but as far as I can tell that's a little misleading. The app on your phone will detect proximity to the beacon, and will then contact IFTTT (or something similar) which will then contact your expensive net-connected light-bulb and turn it on.

    I'd have to wait until they're made, but my guess is the LED and proximity are exposed in totally standard ways - in which case you could make Puck.js pretend to be a dot and then use their app... Or maybe more interesting you could make it do things like pretend to be a dot, but only when a door is open.


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