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  • Hi Paul,

    Yes, the Pico has an RTC - the power draw with it sleeping is 20uA (so RTC running, all RAM retained). You can get lower than that by shutting down completely (in which case only 80 bytes of RAM are kept) but that isn't supported by JavaScript at the moment.

    One thing to note there is the Pico has an RTC but doesn't come with an accurate low-speed oscillator. The internal 32k oscillator can be +/- 10%!

    However, there are some unpopulated pads at the end of the boards, and you can solder on a Abracon ABS06-107 crystal. Espruino will then auto-detect that and will run with accurate timings.

    And yes, you can cut the USB plug off. Firmware updates are still possible using the serial bootloader too, but you have to short out a solder jumper on the back of the board for that.

    Hope that helps!


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