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  • That'd be great! When it was announced (before the KickStarter) I tried to get in touch and see if I could do anything to add support, but all my emails got ignored so I gave up. Shame, as I'd have bought one of the access points otherwise :)

    I'm afraid the link seems broken so I can't see the diagrams, but...

    What you're suggesting sounds fine - I would just use the one 3.3v pin on the Espruino though. I'm not sure how much power the module draws, but if it's 150mA or less you should be fine without any external voltage regulator.

    Getting a driver for Espruino should be easy. I'd look at using the AT module though - it's generally meant for serial modems, but it handles the whole send data, wait, get result thing really easily (and asynchronously so Espruino doesn't block).


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