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  • Wow, thanks! This looks really cool. The EMW3165 is something I've been really excited about - more so than the ESP8266 - as it has the potential to be properly realtime and to use all the existing STM32 code.

    As you'd suggested, my hope (at least without having looked into WICED too deep) was to use the existing STM32 code files as-is, and to just use WICED for the WiFi.

    As far as I could tell from what I'd read, the actual WiFi bolts on over the SDIO peripheral, so you'd hope that WICED could grab control of that without interfering with the existing STM32 code Espruino has.

    I guess I'd hoped that most of the timing-specific WiFi stuff was handled by the Broadcom chip, so the actual WICED library didn't need too fine-grained control of the STM32. If it's at all possible that'd definitely be the way to go (rather than using the WICED abstraction) - there's been a lot of work that's gone into making the STM32 stuff work well, so it'd be a huge amount of effort to start from scratch and get something that worked as well.

    The STM32 peripherals are actually pretty well segregated - so if (for instance) you don't ask WICED to access TIM1, the existing Espruino code should be able to use that without issues.

    I'm not sure I can be much more help without spending some time and looking at the WICED stuff in depth, but if you have any questions, ask away :)


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