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  • I'm actually doing something at the moment with one to many via UART... Data rate isn't a big deal, so actually I'm using the console. Each slave has:

    var ID = 1234;
    function onInit() {
      Serial1.setup(9600, { tx:B6, rx:B7 });
      pinMode(B6, "af_opendrain");

    and when I want to send data from the master I do:

    Serial1.println("myFunction()\n"); // global
    Serial1.println("if(ID==1234)myFunction(­)\n"); // just one

    Understandably that isn't ideal in all cases though. Thing is, with I2C it's basically just sending a byte first, which is the address. It shouldn't be too hard to do that with the UART too, I guess the only thing you'd really want to do is to have a good way of determining what the start of frame was.


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