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  • Hmm, no luck I'm afraid.

    In usbd_cdc_hid.c it turns out the 2 you see if actually the USB version number. I just added comments to it:

    /* USB Standard Device Descriptor */
    __ALIGN_BEGIN static const uint8_t USBD_CDC_HID_DeviceQualifierDesc[USB_LENĀ­_DEV_QUALIFIER_DESC] __ALIGN_END =
      USB_LEN_DEV_QUALIFIER_DESC,    // bLength
      0x00,  // bcdUSB lo
      0x02,  // bcdUSB hi
      0x00,  // bDeviceClass
      0x00,  // bDeviceSubClass
      0x00,  // bDeviceProtocol
      0x40,  // bMaxPacketSize0
      0x01,  // bNumConfigurations
      0x00,  // bReserved

    But usb_desc.c did have the problem. Sadly that didn't help matters though :(


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