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  • With USB, when you plug a device in it's 'enumerated' - the host computer asks it what it is and what it can do. So to tell the PC it's a mouse, Espruino has to know to do that at the time it's plugged in.

    When HID is enabled, Espruino actually enumerates as a HID device and a COM port, so you can still communicate with it just like before - including changing the USB HID code on the fly. Only if you want to change what it enumerates as, you have to unplug and re-plug it.

    I've already tweaked the code so that Espruino can appear as a USB HID device even when it's plugged straight in without a battery, but there are some really strange compilation issues. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it only receives the first 2 characters of anything you send it - so right now it's not something I can release!


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