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  • I'm having the same issue. I'm tried the same steps mentioned above and have all 4 or my pins poking through.

    Although I'm a noob to electronics I can't seem to get mine to display. I've tried various configurations and still no text. I can get the backlight to come on but that is about it.

    I'm backer #1239

    I've also included a dump of the g = require("PCD8544") variable.

    "buffer": new ArrayBuffer(504),
    "flip": function () {digitalWrite(c,0);b.write([64,128],d);d­igitalWrite(c,1);b.write(this.buffer,d)}­,
    "setContrast": function (a) {digitalWrite(c,0);b.write([33,128|E.cli­p(127*a,0,127),32,12],d)}

    How can I fix this? Also are there any commands that I can execute that will give me diagnostics of the board to tell me if there are any issues.


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