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    Thank you

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    Yes the tabs are completely plugged in. I'd be happy to do a hangout with you if you would like to run through some diagnosis prior to send me a new display.

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    I've tried several ways and still the same issue. I've attached a picture of when I had this in that configuration also.

    One thing that would help some of the beginners with the tutorials would be to list the breadboard pins in which the pins should go in. Sometimes it's easy to see from the Tutorials and sometimes it isn't.

    Any idea how I can get this display to work correctly?

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    I'm having the same issue. I'm tried the same steps mentioned above and have all 4 or my pins poking through.

    Although I'm a noob to electronics I can't seem to get mine to display. I've tried various configurations and still no text. I can get the backlight to come on but that is about it.

    I'm backer #1239

    I've also included a dump of the g = require("PCD8544") variable.

    "buffer": new ArrayBuffer(504),
    "flip": function () {digitalWrite(c,0);b.write([64,128],d);d­igitalWrite(c,1);b.write(this.buffer,d)}­,
    "setContrast": function (a) {digitalWrite(c,0);b.write([33,128|E.cli­p(127*a,0,127),32,12],d)}

    How can I fix this? Also are there any commands that I can execute that will give me diagnostics of the board to tell me if there are any issues.