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  • @LawrenceGrif TLS/SSL is still a strong possibility (esp on the Pico), although most solutions seem to have quite a big RAM/ROM overhead so may require a special build. I've been talking to WIZnet who say they have some TLS/SSL code that works well, and I might see if I can drag that into Espruino.

    Personally I'm still hoping that they'll implement TLS/SSL in the ESP8266 via AT commands. IMO that'd be really useful for a lot of people, not just Espruino but pretty much any MCU.

    @d0773d yes, I think that'd be a good plan... Example JS code for:

    • Updating numbers/guages with current sensor values
    • Updating an SVG path to show a Line Graph
    • Pushbuttons/toggle buttons/sliders

    Having an SVG file full of example components that could be copy/pasted would be really interesting. It'd basically turn Inkscape into a really flexible UI designer.

    The stuff you can do with even just SVG and CSS animations is pretty awesome

    The point of the original post was to try and get someone who didn't suck as much at graphic design as I do to come up with a UI that could be used with Espruino. I guess if I come up with some basic designs for guages in SVG (and the code to make them usable) then hopefully someone will have a fiddle and make them look half decent :)


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