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  • Thanks!

    Just did a quick look and if you check farnell for 3 wire through-hole EEPROMS you get:

    • DS2431+ - 1Kbit, £1.55
    • DS24B33+ - 4Kbit, £2.26
    • DS2430A+ - 256 bit, £2.58

    So I'd say it's close between the first two. This page implies that the DS2433 it may be EOL, but I think the DS24B33 isn't.

    Hopefully they're very similar in terms of protocol though.

    Microchip do some really nice, really cheap ones, but while there are supposed to be through-hole versions available, you don't seem to be able to buy any of them :(

    It'd be a very handy little add-on board though.


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