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  • Just wanted to update you all... I've been talking to some of the folks at ST (who make the chips for the Espruino board) over the last few weeks, and we've come to an arrangement where I'll be able to include the STM32F401CD chip in the Espruino Pico board, instead of the 'C' variant. This means it's now got 96kB RAM and 384kB Flash!

    More information on the KickStarter page

    As part of this I'll also be distributing an Espruino binary and hosting the page for the ST NUCLEO-F401RE board (in much the same way that I'm hosting it for the VL, F3 and F4 boards). Alain Sézille has already done most of the work for the port anyway - and hopefully as the chip is so close to that on the Espruino Pico, it'll contribute to the overall stability of Espruino.


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