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  • The problem I have is because it's a web app, it doesn't give me full control of the file system for safety (in fact I don't believe I ever know the full path of the file - so there's no way I can keep the file dialog pointing in the right place).

    Not only that but as it uses cloud storage, there's a rate limit on the amount of times I can 'save' the current contents of the editor, so I can't just save it whenever you make an edit. Instead, I save it when you click 'upload'.

    The best bet would be to save the code when you close the editor, but I haven't been able to do that successfully yet. As I've said before though, it's all Open Source, and all JavaScript so you're welcome to try and fix it yourself and contribute back.

    The code that handles load and save is right here

    It may be that using chrome.fileSystem.chooseEntry for loading files at least partially solves the different directory issues.


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