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  • Ahh right - it's not an actual delay, just something you need to program in...

    In that case, a non-blocking delay is easy - you just need to use setTimeout to call some code 750ms later.

    I'm not 100% sure how the temperature conversion works with the current code, but I think it may be enough if you just make sure that you don't read other temperature sensors on the same OneWire bus within that 750ms.

  • ...that's why OneWire bus w/ parasitic power slaves has to be master-slave... master knows what the slave needs (power) to finish its job. In parasitic mode, the chip 'survives' on a (built-in) capacitor (with diode between the feeding resister) while stuff for other slaves goes on on the data line as well as when receiving commands for one self. Duty cycle can matter as well. Some devices then do one thing after another and in a much slower fashion to not too quickly deplete the capacitor and run out of power.


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