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  • Wow, sounds like a really neat project!

    The other thing you can do is use SSRs (look for SSR-25 on eBay) - they're nicer for switching mains voltages because you don't get small sparks when they open and close.

    It depends what you want for the UI - it'll do big numbers and custom fonts pretty easily, and even simple icons. The only issue is the speed of update on the big colour displays, as Espruino doesn't have enough RAM to store a copy of the screen contents. Black and white displays are generally pretty good.

    You could use something like the NRF24 or even 433Mhz modules and could then report back temperature from other rooms in the house too... Bluetooth is probably too short range for use in a house :(

    If you were going the WiFi route, you could have the actual control box as a web server and just use a cheap tablet/old phone/etc for the UI. Nice thing about that is you could control it from your phone if for some reason you couldn't reach the control box.

    These might be handy:­rmometer­ture+Sensor


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