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  • Hi Dave,

    If you're going for protoboard I'd suggest getting female sockets for the Espruino. That way you can even just use solid core wire if you want a patch wire that's exactly the right length.

    I might get some M/F jumper leads too, as you might want to put things like the LCD (that would usually have pins) on a flying lead rather than directly in the breadboard.

    I used a (400 point breadboard)[] in the Espruino kits, but if you're not too worried about fitting everything into a box (at least initially) maybe just get a bigger one and then you can spread everything out.

    One other thing you'll need is a single 4.7k (or similar) resistor for the DS18B20 - and maybe you'll want to butcher 3 of your jumper wires so you can plug the DS18B20 into the breadboard easily.

    And yes, most things that mention Arduino will work great on an Espruino. Very occasionally there are issues with the voltage - most of Espruino's pins will take 5v inputs (check the reference for which ones) but they only ever output 3.3v which isn't enough for a small proportion of things (you can make them output 5v with a resistor, but it's a faff). Every relay module I've tried has been totally fine though.

    What are you planning on using as a heater? Something low voltage, or mains voltage?

    It's a good point about asking a distributor to provide a kit. I'll have a word with them about that.


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