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  • Warnings

    It still surprises me that the Web IDE has been going for over a year now, and suddenly someone finds it so unbearable they just can't use it.

    Maybe I should add a button that just disables all warnings and leaves only errors? It would just be too many settings to make each type of warning individually selectable just for you - but if you do want that, you only need to download the Web IDE source and change these lines

    Having said that, the 'mixed space and tab' thing is actually a regression. Previously, all tabs got converted to spaces, but it seems that this recent release had broken it. I've just committed a fix to GitHub for that one though.

    when saving a file with a different name than it was originally loaded with - like a save as... - the next save's default name will still hold on to the previous file name

    You mean:

    • Save as then foo.js
    • The click Save as again and it remembers foo.js?

    Or something else? If it's the above behaviour, it was added on request by a whole bunch of people.

  • @Gordon, thanks for the quick response.

    I'm glad and relieved that the mixed space/tab indenting behavior is a regression... so nobody is above Murphy's law, not even Google (with their 37.... Chrome release). Yes, this editor- created mixed/tab-indentation with automatically following warning - and me straightening out every time it happened - was the straw that broke the camel's back ( I have a weak back?).

    Regarding the save: there is currently a combined save/save as in place (only one way to initiate a save:" hit the floppy icon). I'm fine with that, even with the all the time notice to overwrite or not. I just checked / verified in 0.47.1 - again: Loaded file f1.js, hit save and gave name f2.js. Hit save again, and it (still) suggests: Save as f1.js. I would expect f2.js.... may be it is just me (or the the editors I used in the past that did train me this way... 'humans are animals of customs/habits')

    Remembering the last used name in save I would see as a good thing, as well as displaying that name in the IDE - top (title or blue bar right next to the connect icon) or bottom bar (bottom right). - Btw, I noticed that more recent OS X included Utility SW goes similar ways of not changing to the newly given name... even to the point, where closing makes an automatic, silent save... UX basics: thinking and silently executing for the user is good, too much (assuming what the user wants) is worse then doing nothing at all.


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