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The only man who had his job done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.

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    Thank you. That is very interesting, but it's still for gas engines, whereas I run a diesel, hence there is no ignition coil to kick :)

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    Alas, it's a four pot diesel. This isn't the ignition you're looking for... :)

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    For the moment everything is faked - but I do have the code working for the voltmeter, time (doh!) and exterior temp.

    I intend to get the RPM from the alternator, which is a somewhat used method. It will involve some trial and error, but no biggie.

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    Sure, I just wanted to post this so you know as well :)

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    the Date / Clock modules are very useful - and I am sorry to bump an older thread... but... is it me or there is no getSeconds exported on Date ?

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    Actually the documentation / information on the site worked with no issues for me.

    I've just connected the USB/TTL thingy to D7/D8 and powered olimexino via the miniUSB port. Then enter perpetual boot mode (BTN1 + RST) and use the ST Flasher.

    I've just flashed the latest 1.65v a few hours ago.

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    Hi there,

    I'm working on a small automotive display, using the following stuff:

    • Olimexino STM32 running the latest Espruino 1.65
    • a 20x4 HD44780 LCD 5V (white over blue) for which I'm using external power (and not the 3.3V the Olimexino board provides)
    • a Terratrip speed cable sensor (dedicated racing solution, easy wiring)
    • Simple Voltage Sensors (up to 25VCC, but my truck is 12VCC so it should be fine) to measure various auto probes - these are from robotbase.cn
    • and finally a DS18B20 temperature sensor for outside temperature.

    I've picked the Olimexino because it's noise immune, has a more industrial touch and is easily powered by 12V/5V/etc.

    So far I've managed to:

    • flash Espruino 1.65 to the Olimexino STM32 board
    • wire up the LCD and display a mock-up of what I want to achieve
    • run the Date/Time test app
    • build a small app to read voltages using the analog voltage sensors - which I've used to measure every charger and battery in the house - and it works great. I intend to use this to plug to various auto probes but mostly to check the level of battery charging the alternator delivers - in real time.
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    I'll try to update as often as I can with code if anyone is interested.

    The information displayed is (left to right, row by row):

    • current speed | current date/time
    • current rpm | exterior temperature
    • partial odometer | engine coolant temp
    • total odometer | battery charging level