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Been in IT for 40 years. Love interprative programming languages. Wrote my own small Emacs in 2000 lines of C (see Atto on Github).

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    Thanks for that. Have done another pull request for a gps_set|get_settings() and I now restore to SuperE mode on power off of the GPS through the gpsservice widget.

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    So ideally I think the way this should work is that there is a configurable service widget and client Apps that provide the UI and presentation.

    There is an assumption in the GPSrecorder that you wil get a fix every second and you just count down the number of fixes and record the nth fix. This will no longer be true when using the gpsservice set for an update period of say 120s.

    Also I think the logging needs to be configurable, eg min_distance_before_log so that you have to move so many meters before you log a new point, otherwise you will end up with 26 points when you stop to look at the map for a couple of minutes. When logging a 10k mountain walk you really only want about 50-100 points at most, maybe 100m apart. The min time to wait before logging a next point also needs to be set and then log whatever comes first.

    So ideally I think the way to go would be that the GPSrecorder app becomes responsible for plotting the tracks in various forms. So I was thinking of using the same file format so that I could add logging and then use the GPSrecorder app to plot my logs.

    You say its possibe for 2 widegts to coexist ? Is this really true if both are setting up the GPS config differently ? Is it possible to have 2 widgets registered as callbacks for Bangle.on('GPS',onxxx) ?

    Thinking about this I have realised there are still a few issues with gpsservice that I need to address. 1) there needs to be a gps_set_settings(settings_object) so that any App can pass in a configuration. I am not sure yet if that would write the settings back to storage OR if calling that should cause the GPS to power on if the settings were changes to ON (i think better to keep turning on/off as seperate call). 2) the gps_power_off() needs to set everything back to SuperE power management (ie default) so that the next app that uses the GPS is not using an unexpected configuration. I will work on fixes for these issues next.

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    screenshot of log file number 0.

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    contents of odd file that seems to have been created by GPS recorder when I skipped track no 0.

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    Hi Gordon,

    Do you know who maintains the GPS recorder App?

    First I want to send my congratluations on the UI that draws the track. See screenshot.
    Really great job. This app deserves a good README file with screenshots, I'm happy to make a start on one.

    Secondly I was trying to figure out the filename format for the track files. It seems they are meant to be of the format .gpsrcN where n appears to be 0,1...9,a,b.....z. I would like to add logging to the gpsservice widget and use the same format so that the track drawing feature can be used.

    I wonder if a different filename format would be more user friendly, could I suggest gpslog.nn.csv Perhaps it would be usefult to have some standard filename formats for Pedometer, Heart rate and GPS logs.

    Thirdly I encountered a problem when I tried to create a log. I set the track number to 1 and could not see a log file being created. Later on I discovered and odd looking filename and it clearly had gps log data in it. So I think there is some sort of defect here, if track 0 is skipped. (see screenshots).

    Could you put me in touch with the person that developed GPS recorder ?


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    I've not come across the concept of sub-modules before in git. I just cloned my fork.

    Now tried (in the hope I did not need to setup an HTTP server).

    git clone --recursive git://github.com/foo/bar.git
    cd bar

    But still got the same issue (no apps in the loader page).
    I dont think its going to be possible to setup a HTTP server on a chromebook.
    The linux beta (where git is installed) runs in a seperate container.