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    Solved! Yes, I had to unpair the bangle and pair it again with gadgetbridge. Now everything fine!

    I already have the F-Droid version :)

    Thank you very much!!

    Sorry for not having started another thread

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    Thank you Gordon for the support, sorry for the delayed answer.

    As my reply to Raik, I was able to complete the flash by setting the "Packet receipt notification" option and lowering the number of packets to 5.

    I solved initially with my girlfriend's IPhone 8, with the default settings everything worked fine immediately.

    Maybe there is something with my phone bluetooth... the Gadgetbridge application doesn't recognize the Bangle :(

    Do you have any suggestion to try?

    Up to now I've never tried the web ide but I'll definetly give it a try.


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    Yes, it works! Great. I missed that solution while searching in the forum.

    Thank you so much!

    PS. I activated "Packet receipt notification" and set 5 as number of packets

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    I saw other posts say having difficulties with firmware update, but I've not found a solution for my case.

    It's the first time I do the update. My phone is an Honor 8 with Android 7.0.

    I tried with firmware version 2V05 and 2V06.

    I used nRF Toolbox as suggested.

    Each upload attempt lasts between 1% to 5% (really rare), then encauters an error saying: INVALID OBJECT.

    If I try immediately after, the error message becomes OPERATION NOT PERMITTED.

    Fortunately, the Toolbox keeps the last uploaded point so I managed, in almost 1 hour, to reach 100%.
    I tried every possible combination:
    switching on/off the bangle, the app, the phone bluetooth...
    with/without Wi-Fi, with/without location...
    Nothing changes :(

    At the end, once upload completed with a confirmation message I restarted the bangle but it is not booting correctly, It says:

    sw reset
    dfu zyos
    btn1 = reboot

    and nothing happens anymore.

    Please, can you help me?

    Thank you very much