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    I see that you can install a new/different launcher but until you uninstall the previous one, the new one will not work.

    I think the expected behaviour is that new launcher replace the previous, right?
    The more curious is that i remember that as soon as i uninstalled the previous, the new began working

    Also it can be nice to have an option in setting to select a launcher from all those installed

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    Regarding using Garmin strap, I forgot to say that it is necessary to carve a bit the cutter the silicon that touch the case

    Regarding the pin/bar/spring, I found different alternatives,

    • the pin/bars that join each piece of the metalic strap(24mm) fit well
      -a thick steel paper clip, that requires to be cut.
      -cut the original bangle.js bar

    Also I want to try screw cap bar of 25mm (they are used in some garmin models, like as fr935) but it would require to make bangle.js holes wider

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    A very easy solution and very recommended for sports is to adjust a standard silicon strap with a cutter
    The best for comfort, durability and aesthetic is a Garmin strap 15mm (inner) and 22 (main), so just 2mm have to be removed.

    Also I adjusted a spare P8 smartwatch strap (20mm silicon) and the result is more comfortable than the original but it requires more cutting and the result is less impressive than the Garmin.

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    I am also very interested in this topic

    Regarding the interoperability among bangle.js apps and other apps like Strava, Bangle apps(GPS recorder or Bangle.run) write data in files in a csv format.
    Whereas Strava app/web uses and import from XML formats ( .tcx and .gpx ) and a binary format ( .fit)

    It would be great to add the xml as an output format in bangle.js apps but I am not sure about impact on performance.

    There are several ways to generate an XML from with CSV data, but it requires mapping a some manual work.

    Bangle run format:
    GPS recorder format:

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    I enabled the HRM through using the "vertical Face" clock that can show BPM in screen, by default heart rate is not measured but the measure is enabled clicking "button1"

    It seems that when you disconnect from GB if it can create a new activity that finish at time of disconnection.
    Otherwise enabling/disabling HR , seems that "paused" activity gets reactivated and increases its steps,kms and end time.

    These functions are very promising, and i hope that bangle.js can monitor sleep soon :)

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    About the "activity" screen, it shows the HR measures but the measures varies continuously and too much, from 4o to 200 and i was not doing cardio sport :o

    an example of the heart rate graph

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    I am seeing that recently gadgetbridge has included new features inside the "Activity and Sleep" section.

    First of all, I haven't found info about how to use it but at least i have realized that activating the BPM (button1) then Gadgetbridge modifies an activity on the "Activity List" modifying steps, kms, hr its end time

    Today I have 3 activities, 2 Walking and 1 Running, but I haven't run at all.

    for example i checked the screen witha difference of 4min it changed from
    23018 Active steps, distance 17,8km active time 4h33m
    32991 Active steps, distance 25,5km active time 4h37m

    I don't know how the distance is calculated but it is really wrong.

    Can you provide info about how to start/stop activities?
    best practices, tips and status of work?

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    After checking with GB v0.51 it seems that Alarms are not being send to the Bangle.js yet.