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    Unfortunately, I am not very computer literate.
    Congratulations on a great product and what you have developed. It has introduced me to a new world of tinkering and having fun making stuff.

    For my own use, I would like to modify some of your tutorials - I would like to use the Puck.js door opening and closing tutorial, but in addition to having the green and red LEDs light up when opening or closing the door I would like the following:
    1) I would like a timestamp of when each opening occurred (if I can have the temperature at the time as well, that would be a bonus).
    2) I would like how many times a day in total the door is opened
    3) I would like this to be stored and downloaded when I connect with the Puck.js
    4) eventually I would like this information to download to my phone seamlessly and have all the information stored on something like an Influx Database website. Ideally I could know how times a day it was opened over several months, and how often.

    I have spent many hours going through your web material and I feel like I’m on the edge of knowing what to use from different bits but I don’t have the skill

    Kind regards