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Still a long way to go..

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    Thanks for the input!
    I just wanted a verification.

    Never did anything with Puck and good to know it can send that information.

    Never thought of using a Puck and a magnet on the same vehicle.
    Actually the number of fuel dispenser is less than vehicle.
    By putting the magnet on the fuel dispenser handle, I think I save a bit of magnets.
    Testing for the magnetometer reading would be interesting though.

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    Is it possible to use Puck.js as a fuel dispenser logger?

    What I have in mind:

    • Install Puck.js on vehicle. Attach vehicle plate number information to Puck.js.
    • Install magnet or Puck.js on fuel dispenser handle.
    • When refueling, Puck.js on vehicle will be close to magnet/Puck.js on fuel dispenser handle.
    • This will trigger the Puck.js on vehicle to send vehicle plate number information to nearby phone.
    • Phone will use this information together with refueling time, phone location to log the refueling event.
    • Once refueling is completed, puck.js stop sending vehicle plate number information.

    Possible issues

    • Fuel dispenser handle is made of metal too. Will the magnet on fuel dispenser work for Puck.js to detect?
    • How does Puck.js on fuel dispenser trigger the Puck.js on vehicle to send information to phone?

    Is there a better way to log fuel dispenser usage?