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    Hi, anyone made the Bluetooth module(HC-05 like module)working on STM32F4DISCOVERY board ? Espruino is the latest 1v94 version.
    web IDE can connect to the board successful
    but when upload the code(simple on/off led and console.log()) or reset() in the console terminal, it's not responsive with the famous Espruino logo and result.

    I have removed the MicroUSB for the normal connection with Mac but just use another USB port to power the board.

    I have tried all the UART combinations available on the discovery board but no one working. occasionally the console terminal will response an error message - can't load prompt, upload failed, try to recover.

    seems for non-official Espruino board. the feature is disabled(debug wirelessly through Bluetooth, between web IDE and non-official boards).

    if wirelessly debugging through Bluetooth can only be supported by official Espruino board, I need try to buy Espruino WiFi and Pico asap :) instead of wasting time on trying Nucleo or Discovery board ...


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    have a good break & enjoy life with your family : )