• Hi all,

    I've been trying to play with Espruino for a little touchscreen tablet project. The only touchscreen project example I found was:

    Which says it's out of date. What is a recommended Espruino official (couldn't find any) or 3rd party hardware that supports capacitive or resistive touch that I can buy and put Espruino Firmware on?

    More Details:
    LCD or ePaper doesn't matter
    Capacitive versus resistive doesn't matter
    Size of the screen doesn't really matter either

    I'm going to first focus on playing with the functionality I want then probably build my own system from scratch using Espruino on an ESP8266, or Esrpuino Wifi with drivers/shields and separate display and touch layers that I put together.

    p.s. I'm located in the US.


  • If size really doesn't matter, I'd say go for https://hackaday.io/project/175577-hacka¬≠ble-nrf52840-smart-watch - I have a bunch of them here and they will go on the store soon (pre-programmed), or you can just buy one from wherever and program it yourself with an SWD programmer.

    Or you could add a resistive touchscreen to a Pixl.js board?

    The issue with adding external devices to an Espruino is really that most touchscreen LCDs you get are of a 320x240 16 bit style, and while you can do static graphics fine, it's hard to really get them working fast enough from Espruino when controlling them with JS.

    If you can still get hold of them, the 'HY' STM32 3.2" board (as shown in the tutorial you linked) could be a good shout though: http://www.espruino.com/ReferenceHYSTM32­_32

    There's still an Espruino build for that (although I haven't tested it recently) so it should 'just work'

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Best touchscreen hardware to read/ write from touch LCD or ePaper screen

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