Puck.js replacement button

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  • So, my puck.js went through the washing machine and dryer and that resulted in the button and battery holder falling off.

    I'm wondering what kind of button I could get to replace the damaged one since the pads for the button are still intact (the battery holder pads however...)

    I figured I'll just add some pin headers and give it at least some use as a dev board if I can't somehow secure the battery holder since one of the mounting pads are gone.

  • Wow! That's not great - was it in its case while it went through?

    I'm guessing the Puck is a v2 (surface mount battery + button?)

    For the button, if you google "6x3.5 tactile" you should get a bunch of results, which will basically all be fine as long as they are the surface mount versions (you can usually tell from looking at the pins if they are surface mount or through hole). For instance something like this is fine: https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/1247034004

    For the battery connector, do you still have it? Even if the pads came off, you could glue it back on with Epoxy and then put a little wire back from the connector to the '3V' pin....

  • Yeah it's a v2, it was in a pocket inside of its case and went through a full wash cycle and then the dryer.

    I still have the original holder and button, I was able to solder one of the ground legs back on and it worked and the IDE was able to connect, but I removed it again just so there wasn't a risk of it tearing the remaining pad off from the stress.

    I do have my doubts on if the NFC antenna is still 100% though... my code that was previously working now fails to read/write completely with it failing with a generic NFC error on my corresponding app for the puck, that would unfortunately make it unusable for the intended purpose of being a NFC tag emulator with a backdoor for rewriting after locking the "tag"

    Looking at this image, the left side of the battery holder tore the pad right off the PCB, and the button is gone

  • Odd about the NFC. Does the Puck actually look clean? If it's still got traces of washing powder on it, that might cause a resistance between contacts somewhere which would stop NFC from working properly I guess.

    On Puck.js v2 the NFC is mainly on tracks sandwiched inside the PCB, so it's unlikely they got damaged - however I guess the PCB may have absorbed water? I'd be surprised though.

    While the button is off it you could try soaking the whole thing in distilled water for a few days to try and flush out any impurities.

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Puck.js replacement button

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