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    Package size:  3528  5050

    3.5mm x 2.8mm   or   5mm x 5mm

    "NeoPixel is Adafruit's brand of individually-addressable red-green-blue LED"


    Voltage level shifter to match 3V3 Espruino output to 5V Neopixel data input:

    BSS138   Bi-directional level shifter for I²C-bus

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    Power Supply Considerations

    Use a separate supply to power Neopixels. Use a level shifter at the data signal output pin.

    Each individual Neopixel at full brightness will require around 20mA for each color element. The 24bit RGB will require 60mA and the 32bit RGBW will require 80mA. Driving more than one or possibly two of these individual Neopixels directly from an Espruino device may likely damage the onboard regulator.

    Driving just 12 RGBW or 16 RGB will require 960mA and will need an external 5V 1 amp supply.
    As  P = I E  the supply will be disipating 5 Watts. Yes, things will get warm.

    Purchasing Considerations

    It is strongly recommended to vet the website supplier before making a purchase. Insist on and review the datasheet prior to the order. Many overseas discount shopping cart sites are created by mom-and-pop outfits that may have no knowledge on what they actually are selling. Review the title and description in detail and compare with the datasheet. Fail to do so, and you may receive a variant as indicated in the first link 'Original thread discussion' above. I just checked (2020.03.01) the outbound link within that discussion, and the site pointed to, still advertises the incorrect type and here we are one year later! caveat emptor

    WS2811 RGB 12v/5v
    WS2812 GRB 5v
    WS2812B GRB 5v
    WS2813 [4] GRB 5v
    WS2813 [5] RGB 5v
    SK6805 GRB 5v
    SK6812 GRB 24bit 5v
    SK6812 [1] RGBW 32bit 5v
    SK6812WWA [6] GRB 24bit 5v
    SK6812-XX [6] GRB 24bit 5v
    SK6812RGBW-XX [6] RGBW 32bit 5v
    APA102 BGR 5v
    SK9822 [3] BGR 5v
    ?unknown? SK6812 variant [2] GRBW 5v

       datasheet pdf files provided via AdaFruit CDN servers
    [1] RGBW NeoPixel also available in Cool White, Neutral White and Warm White
    [2] See Original Thread Discussion link above for GRBW SK6812 variant sold/advertised as WS2812 RGBW
    [3] SK9822 to replace APA102
    [4] WS2813 Worldsemi mfg (datasheet requires download)
    [5] WS2813 Normandled mfg variant RGB   p.6 note mis-leading poor documentation?
    [6] SK6812WWA, SK6812RGBW-XX datasheets by Shenzhen LED color Opto Electronic Co., Ltd - see below

    Part Identifier Format for Shenzhen LED color Opto Electronic Co., Ltd

    SK6812WWA - GRB 24bit - where WWA represents White or Amber

    SK6812BW Blue White
    SK6812WS Warm Sunlight
    SK6812A Amber

    SK6812W - SK6812-XX - GRB 24bit - where XX represents White in one of three formats

    SK6812-BW Blue White
    SK6812-NW Natural White
    SK6812-WS Warm Sunlight

    SK6812RGBW-XX - RGBW 32bit - where XX represents White in one of three formats

    SK6812RGBW-BW Blue White
    SK6812RGBW-NW Natural White
    SK6812RGBW-WS Warm Sunlight

    Mon 2019.02.11   original post creation date
    Mon 2019.08.12   added SK6805
    Tue 2019.08.13    added BSS138 I2C logic level shifter link
    Sun 2020.03.01   added Power Supply Notes, SK6812W, SK6812RGBW
    Mon 2020.03.16   added SK6812 24bit GRB variant

    Please preserve this reference and refrain from posting to this thread.

    DM @Robin for suggested enhancements. I'll be sure to add attribution with the edit.

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REFERENCE table of RGB Led datasheets 3528 5050 WS2811 WS2812 SK6812 APA102 NeoPixel

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