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    Original thread discussion:  Feb 2019

    Mis-match identification made introduction by @AkosLukacs  Feb 2019
    Home >> Electronics >> 'RGBW neopixel leds'

    Package size:  3528  5050

    3.5mm x 2.8mm   or   5mm x 5mm

    "NeoPixel is Adafruit's brand of individually-addressable red-green-blue LED"


    Voltage level shifter to match 3V3 Espruino output to 5V Neopixel data input:

    BSS138   Bi-directional level shifter for I²C-bus

    Thread discussion introduction by @Gustav  Aug 2019
    Home >> Official Espruino Boards >> Puck.js, Pixl.js and MDBT42 >> 'WS2812B Without SPI'

    Two 2n2222 transistor solution by @allObjects  Oct 2018
    Home >> Other Boards >> Interfacing >> 'Logically invert the pin? #2'

    Single Neopixel sacrifice introduction by @MaBe  Oct 2018
    Home >> Other Boards >> Interfacing >> 'Logically invert the pin? #35'

    WS2811 RGB 12v/5v
    WS2812 GRB 5v
    WS2812B GRB 5v
    WS2813 [4] GRB 5v
    WS2813 [5] RGB 5v
    SK6805 GRB 5v
    SK6812 [1] RGBW 5v
    APA102 BGR 5v
    SK9822 [3] BGR 5v
    ?unknown? SK6812 variant [2] GRBW 5v

       datasheet pdf files provided via AdaFruit CDN servers
    [1] RGBW NeoPixel also available in Cool White, Neutral White and Warm White
    [2] See Original Thread Discussion link above for GRBW SK6812 variant sold/advertised as WS2812 RGBW
    [3] SK9822 to replace APA102
    [4] WS2813 Worldsemi mfg (datasheet requires download)
    [5] WS2813 Normandled mfg variant RGB   p.6 note mis-leading poor documentation?

    Mon 2019.02.11 original post creation date
    Mon 2019.08.12 added SK6805
    Tue 2019.08.13 added BSS138 I2C logic level shifter link

    Please preserve this reference and refrain from posting to this thread.

    DM @Robin for suggested enhancements. I'll be sure to add attribution with the edit.

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REFERENCE table of RGB Led datasheets 3528 5050 WS2811 WS2812 SK6812 APA102 NeoPixel

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