More Fonts! 7 Segment

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  • Hi,

    I just added some simple 7 segment font types- check out­es

    However, there's now some 'font maker' code which is included in the (unminified) font comments at­/blob/master/modules/Font5x7Numeric7Seg.­js

    Basically if you update the width, height, and 7 segment image at the top:

    var W = 7; // width +1 for empty column
    var H = 11;
    var base = `
    f    b
    f    b
    f    b
    f    b
    e    c
    e    c
    e    c
    e    c
     dddd `;

    Then run the code on Espruino it'll generate a font for you that matches the image you gave.

    It could be a nice way of coming up with stylised fonts of exactly the right size, and nothing stops someone improving the digits array to include the full character set :)

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More Fonts! 7 Segment

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