Pixl.js programming jig

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  • Whilst unable to get EspruinoHub to talk to my Pixl.js board over BLE (see here) I've been using this jig I literally threw together from things lying around the office/workshop/attic (they're all the same place). A scrap of (really horrible) stripboard, some pin headers and one of the most useful cheap boards I've ever found in the usual Chinese outlets - a tiny USB-to-UART board that cost pennies (I think I paid 65p each for them).

    It looks horrible but works brilliantly :)

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  • i like it :)

  • Great! For anyone else considering this, you basically wired it like this? http://www.espruino.com/Pixl.js#serial-cĀ­onsole

    If only the Arduino headers were all 0.1" pitch ;)

  • Yep, that's how it's wired. Fortunately all the pins needed line up - most of the pins are there for physical stability and I've got cut-off headers to support the Pixl.js (top right of the board) where the header goes mad :)

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Pixl.js programming jig

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