• I've got 2 pucks.

    1. I've replaced their batteries and updated to firmware v97.
    2. I've uploaded same code via Web IDE.
    3. One puck is happy and working all the time.
    4. The other puck, after ~2-3h, will start blinking red.
    5. It advertises as "Puck js XXX" instead of my name (which means it's reset itself and not running my code)
    6. When trying to connect via Web IDE, it shows up on the list but then "error connecting" pops up.
    7. Nail-reset doesn't help.
    8. Taking out battery and reinserting after 1min allows to connect again, re-upload code.
    9. After ~2-3h, it will start blinking red again.

    What can I do?

  • Are you sure it's not just a dead battery? I know you said you replaced them but occasionally you do get bad ones. You could check Puck.getBatteryPercentage() when you are able to connect via the IDE.

    You can also try doing a full reset - hold the button down while flicking the coin cell so the green LED comes on, then keep holding through all 3 LEDs lighting, and the red LED blinking multiple times - then keep holding an extra second. Anything that was then saved to nonvolatile memory would be wiped out.

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Is my puck dead? (blinking red, cannot connect)

Posted by Avatar for Thinkscape @Thinkscape