Pucks Module

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  • Is it possible to have or use the chip itself on our own board and have it connect to Arduino IDE to program?

    I have worked with RFDigital Simblee's and they are currently 0 stock with a long lead time.
    I might need to switch gears and I would hate to redo lots of code.

  • Hi,

    I'm considering offering the modules pre-programmed with Espruino, such that you could program them with the Espruino IDE.

    However Espruino is JavaScript, not C (like Arduino) - so if you were using the Arduino before, your existing code isn't going to work I'm afraid.

  • Hi Gordon,
    Well, if all fails, then I would need to learn on the fly.
    I can look into Espruino (has a little Arduino in it) and see.
    I will review.
    If you do this, how soon will it happen if I do the switch.

  • I can supply modules right now if you need them for $16 each - however on higher quantities (100+) where I'm not having to manually flash each module I can come way down on price.

    The delay has just been deciding whether there's demand to go all-in and buy a bunch of pre-programmed modules (since I don't want to be sitting on a bunch of modules with out of date firmware!). However for individual modules I can manually program them.

  • Ok, I will talk with my boss on what to do.
    The Simblees are still not available.
    Wish I could just do IDE via a connection instead of Bluetooth programming.
    In production, be easier.
    I will let you know.. I might remove parts off the pucks I have and breadboard up a configuration.

    Spent close to 8 months developing and product issues.


  • Wish I could just do IDE via a connection instead of Bluetooth programming.

    You can - http://www.espruino.com/Puck.js#serial-cĀ­onsole

    Then you just need to use the Web IDE Chrome App (rather than espruino.com/ide)

  • Saw that and was just looking into it..

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Pucks Module

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