• The puck is some ~6mm thick, I would like to reduce that to ~3mm by putting the battery next to it instead of on the back.

    It is pretty easy to take off the button and the battery housing. But I wonder how i should connect power.

    Positive of the battery is easy to connect to the large positive battery pad on the back. But i need a removable way to connect the negative too. Some large area or a pin hole maybe? The chip housing cant be used as a negative right?

  • The big pad on the back is actually battery negative, not positive (because the 'shell' on the battery is +). You do have the two labelled GND and 3V pins here as well that you could use: http://www.espruino.com/Puck.js#pinout

    I'd consider sticking 90 degree pin strip into the 0.1" holes, then you could use simple 0.1" socket (like the 'dupont jumper wires') to connect to it, without making the Puck much thicker.

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Lowering the profile of the puck to make it fit a tight spot, how to power?

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