• I have the latest firmware, 1.93 v154

    It goes away when i do a reset; connect battery while holding button >3s, I get the 5 short greens and things seem normal.

    Just wondering what i did to get the three long and short red light.

  • seeing this in the console

    NRF ERROR 0x3 at ?:0

    I am fiddling with sending sms. Is it anything related to serial connection maybe?

  • you mean all 3 LEDs on, so white-ish?

    That's an internal error from the Bluetooth libraries, which could be caused by corrupted pairing data stored in flash memory.

    Do you have a way of getting the 3 LEDs on reliably, even after the 5 green flashes? On the latest firmwares it clears out all the pairing data if you do that, so you should be back to normal each time.

    If I can track down what causes it then I can fix it, but right now it's proving tricky. If you have a way of doing it, it'd be awesome :)

  • It could be related to serial I guess - if you could delete code until you get something small that you're willing to share but which also reliably breaks it, that'd be amazingly helpful.

  • I have seen it since i am fiddling with the serial connection, but so far no reliable way to get it yet. I also just upgraded to 1.93 154.

    I lose the console connection. When I try to reconnect the computer to the Puck it gives me the lights and windows asks me to try again.

    the code doesn't do much special,

    //turn off serial connection
    console.log("Turned off serial connection!");
    //provide Serial ground and V
    // Connect to serial device
    Serial1.setup(115200, { rx: D29, tx : D28 });
    var ATSMS = require("ATSMS");
    var sms = new ATSMS(Serial1);
    //Use sms.at.debug(); here if you want debug messages
    sms.init(function(err) {
      if (err) throw err;
      // and to send a message: 
      //sms.send('012345678','Hello me!');
  • I had to go back to 1.93,

  • I had to go back to 1.93,

    Any reason why? What happened in the newer versions?

    I'll have a try with that code and see if I can get anything to happen when I try it...

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Getting three LEDs and a short red LED lighting up as I want to connect the IDE. What does that mean?

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