• I have a GSM800 module that is only to send one sms per day. It has its own battery and is turned on and off by mosfet and a output pin.

    I am reading you don't get a Serial port if nothing is connected at startup to D29/29 on the Puck..Does this mean the serial port must stay active using the oscillator the whole day, or can I turn it on and off at will?


  • Hi,

    While the UART is initialised automatically if D29/30 are connected, you can do it manually (on any pins) with Serial1.setup(9600,{rx:..., tx:...}) - and if you manually set the pin to do something else with digitalRead(rxpin);digitalRead(txpin) then that should automatically turn it off - saving power.

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Turning serial connection on and off to save batttery, possible?

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