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  • Hi, forgive me for my bad english.

    1st question: is it possible to import in html page an external lib like jquery ? My esp is not connected to internet so I can't load it from an url.

    2nd question: I have found this doc from official espruino documentation (

    Can I use this code in html client side or it's just for the server side ?

    Thanks in advance for your helps.

  • This is ESP8266?

    You should be able to use both client and server-side code.

    You can serve up other files using the server, for instance you can use this:

    To convert them to a string, and can then include the string. However you'll find jQuery is far too big for you to do that with.

    If you were using an official Espruino board there's a filesystem library built-in so you could wire up an SD card and then serve files off that too.

    However for a non-internet-connected ESP8266 I'd strongly urge you to stay away from jQuery. You can do pretty much everything you need using normal JavaScript calls like document.querySelector now - web browsers have moved on a long way from where they were 10 years ago, and normal JavaScript DOM calls will 'just work' on all browsers - no need for jQuery at all.

  • Argg. ok. I'm using nodemcu based on esp8266 for now. I have a lot of difficulties to post JSON data over xmlhttrequest. it seems that the application/json header is not interpreted by the http module.

    Thanks I will try to find another way to post my datas.

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Using external lib

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