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  • I'm not sure about the ack - I only know enough about the module to implement data I'm afraid.

    There must be an official solution to the crashes... Surely they can't sell a chip that has this problem?

    All I can suggest about trying to stop it breaking is to attach the power line to a GPIO rather than to 3.3v. You can then totally power off the module between sends, so even if it breaks, it should work the next time.

  • I agree, Gordon, It's a bit strange situation, I've seen a lot of threads in forums, but nothing about official recomendation according to It. I thought about module supply as you described, and tryed to do so, but with no success. - After power off\on and nrf.init(...) registers stay in zero, even if I switch off the power for 5-10sec. It sounds crazy, but It's so with my pair - f3 and NRF.


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