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  • Ok, I'm just pushing changes to change the step count threshold from 14-> 18.

    My reasoning:

    In the step-count repo, we were applying an equal relevance to the steps from all files. IMO if there's a long walk with 10000 steps and you detect 1% less steps, that's less of a big deal than detecting 100 steps over a period where you shouldn't be detecting any steps at all.

    When I readjusted things a little to give more weight to @HughB's work/housework/driving and
    @MrPloppy's code, the best threshold went from 14->18. It means:

    • Normal walking activities, 97% accurate -> 93%
    • Driving: roughly 30% of the amount of steps recorded
    • Working: roughly 50% of the amount of steps recorded
    • Housework/general: roughly 50% of the amount of steps recorded

    So there is a difference in step counting during walking (relative to other step counting devices), but I think as far as day to day wearing of the device goes, this should be a massive improvement to accuracy.


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