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  • Ok, thanks... I'll bump the threshold up to 15 for now, which should help as you say.

    I'm not convinced with a calibration step. I'm not sure it's as easy as placing it on a table, and I'm not aware of any other device that asks for the accelerometer to be calibrated. I doubt many people would be happy doing that.

    The old approach was way off though

    As a complete system, yes. However there are plenty of different ways of doing peak detection and the current way is definitely not the most robust.

    Hopefully someone can jump in and try some more options out though. @jeffmer that link looks really neat - took me a while to see I had to click on the graphs though :)

    It's possible that something like that code would work fine for us. We originally had a bandpass filter which cut out the DC element completely, but that meant there was ringing, which caused other issues :)

    That blog's got some other great-looking articles too:­0/everyday-dsp-for-programmers-frequency­.html­1/everyday-dsp-for-programmers-spectral.­html


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