• A use case for a Bangle.js 2 device requires me to replace the complete set of 'Default Applicactions' that normally live on the device.

    I've accomplished that with


    followed with a 'Send to Espruino Flash'. This has all been successful and my application is running fine.
    One question I have is how to prevent console messages and system errors from appearing on the Bangle.js 2 display.

    I've studied the default 'settings.js' app that toggles the 'log' attribute in 'setting.json' but makes no application call to inform Espruino.

    I've written a 'setting.json' file to Flash with 'log' set to false, but messages keep displaying (in a very small font where I can only make out the word 'Bluetooth' every time a BLE message is received).

    I have not experimented with E.setConsole() since I did not want to lose my console the next time I connect with the IDE - or is this of no concern ?

    So, how does one disable debug messages from appearing on a Bangle.js 2 ?


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