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  • @GeorgeM, indeed, Espruino devices and JS language environment make a quite different IoT world. Coming from Python, JS looks a bit crisper... even though some Python concepts and constructs aren't available. I moved the other direction and liked Python as well... not as much as JS, and for sure not as much as Smalltalk (-80, /V, IBM/VA/st (then), Squeak). Python on a powerful system is of course not comparable with an Espruino JS environment, because the targeted application space is different: Espruino goes (primarily) for resource frugalness w/o sacrificing modern concepts, such as oo and events, enabling high but also allowing low level things with an extremely low entry threshold and a great learning curve. Switching to a context similar but different makes it even more different, and you will experience head scratching, inner yelling - How dare... - resolved with the liberating and empowering Ahas. Every thing has its beauty! ...only to spend more time on one than others.


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