• Interesting project, I have a Muse S headband, which seems to work well for sleep tracking and brainwave data. On the subject of tracking sleep and general hypnogram cycles I do think indirect data points such as changes in heartrate and movement provide decent info when I benchmark against the Muse - it's not 100% of course but I find it's more practical for regular use. I've been working on a sleeptracker for the Bangle.JS that takes HRM data and movement to attempt charting sleep cycles, it wouldn't take all that much more to put in a smart alarm feature as well as possibly a REM alarm in theory - REM and wakefulness would be towards the peaks of these cycles so you just need to detect peaks and trigger an alarm soon after the descent.

    A REM alarm on this would probably need to be via bluetooth to another device as the sound wouldn't be loud enough on the Bangle, and I suspect the motor wouldn't have much effect because of sleep paralysis in REM.

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