• Update:
    After testing for a few weeks there were issues with the battery life. In the beginning sensors worked for days without noticeable battery wear.
    Then some other sensors started failing after only 1-2 days, eating batteries like candy.
    I bought another (identical) set and tested indoors with a modified aluminium water bottle and all was fine. Once the sensors were installed on the wheels some of them also started to drain battery.

    Taking the first set indoors again and counting messages showed that some sensors (the ones with the battery issues) sent far more messages than the others.
    I don't know if this is a hardware issue or if there is more about the protocol than I first thought.

    But how can they run dry when there is not a smartphone around? This is probably the case in 90% of the time...

    I just ordered a different/updated version (BLE 5.0) now and have a look at their protocol and battery lifetime. The outer caps just look similar. Stay tuned...


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