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German IT developer who found his long lost love for electronics and connected devices...

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    Hi! A while ago I played around with some OTA mass deployment of a puck swarm.
    This is what I did: https://github.com/Whizzard/puckjs-fanou­t
    Maybe you can evaluate and/or improve on that?

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    Actually - like @oesterle said it's quite perfect as it is.

    I was not aware of the many restrictions in design. I just had a closer look - much is covered with the white paint, so it seems even simpler than it is.

    Regarding pads:
    maybe I'm biased from my gamecontroller/joystick project, but also doable with the current version. Actually it's better to keep it simple - you are right.

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    The longer I think about it: sound would be really interesting.
    The more senses it affects, the better... :)

    And a tiny thing: If the PCB had a notch or two and a nose as counterpart in the case - that would make it easier / safer for newbies to put everything together in the right order...
    Probably this will also have issues with the antenna...

    Regarding solder pads: I was not aware of the antenna.
    Could the pads without hole maybe have a wider spacing and get holes?
    There is one side with a double row with two different pitches - why? Could save some space if sacrificed...

    By the way: How many layers does the PCB have?

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    Solder pads would be something.
    Maybe move them to the edge (like on a stamp) with a wider pitch so you can solder on things more easily?

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    Sounds great.
    Maybe a "barebone" version without the case for guys who'd integrate it into something anyway?
    Don't know how much of the production costs get into the case.

    On the other hand side: More case colours (even if that would have impact on the RGB LED colours).

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    I just tried the new build and it works for me, too.

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    OK thanks. Ordered the board.
    Seems to be needed for serious development...
    I'm just chewing myself through the nordic docs to understand what happens on the lower levels...
    This is the right link http://infocenter.nordicsemi.com/topic/c­om.nordic.infocenter.s310.api.v3.0.0/mod­ules.html - could you just confirm?

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    OK - given I have managed to create a working ZIP for OTA flashing.

    A test cycle is quite complex and time consuming:

    • create the ZIP
    • send it to iPhone
    • set Puck to Bootmode and flash (this takes several minutes)

    Any hints or howtos to do it via serial connection from the commandline?

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    I just tried the same (espurino --list), also Mac OS X (MacBook Air) and have drops too.

    But when lowering the advertising interval like

    NRF.setAdvertising({},{interval: 50})

    it seems to be found in all cases.
    Tried 300, 200, 100 too and still drops there.

    Suppose this interval will not improve battery life, but may be a hint why it does not always work?