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  • Hi! Right now I'm running low on stock of Pixl.js, and rather than just making more of the same, I'm thinking now might be a good time to do a whole new design, maybe taking a few hints from Pixl.js Multicolour badge, which I've been using quite a lot myself recently.

    So I'm thinking:

    • Same low-power LCD
    • RGB backlight
    • Use an nRF52840 (256kB RAM, 1MB flash, USB, etc)
    • Make board wider, and add front-facing buttons and Arduino ICSP/SPI connector
    • Do not solder Arduino headers to keep it thinner, and just stagger them slightly so you can still push in an Arduino board if needed, or can solder headers yourself.
    • Add a Raspberry Pi compatible header (maybe just the first few pins that everyone uses) to allow connection to a Raspberry Pi or the whole ecosystem of Pi add-ons out there
    • Add a pinout for (or possibly pre-install) an ESP8266 for WiFi
    • LiPo charger and power switchover circuitry (maybe on/off switch) - make it on a Jumper so you can still use Pixl.js off 12v if needed.
    • Remove CR2032 battery connector

    And possibly:

    • Microphone (to allow Tensorflow voice recognition)
    • Piezo speaker
    • SPI Flash
    • 4x H-bridge outputs

    So the idea is to keep the super low power consumption of the original Pixl.js, but to put a bunch more features on it so it's far more usable as a standalone board.

    Does anyone have any ideas for improvements, or likes/dislikes of the original Pixl.js that might be worth taking into account?



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